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Friday, September 28, 2007

Maggie's First Yard Sale

Anyone who knows me knows that Brea and I are addicted to yard sales. It is just the best "sport" ever. A couple of weeks ago, Mansker Farms, a local subdivision, hosted their neighborhood yard sale. This is one of the best subdivision yard sales that we have ever been to. We ALWAYS find the best deals. This year Mom, Brea, Isaac, Luke, Maggie and me all went hoping to find some goodies. Brea found a chair for her nursery for $15 dollars! That's right...$15 dollars. It is pretty too. What a find.

On this morning, it was chilly. First time Maggie has been out when it has been a little cool. So of course, she had her grandma flower hat on. She had a great time yard saling (I know it is not a word...until now!). It was a great time to spend together.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oh...How I Love Sam's...

Sam's is addicting. I am serious. I just love to shop in bulk because you don't have to shop again for like 3 years until you actually run out. I went today, only needing some toilet paper and OJ, came home spending $9o dollars with a car load full. I mean, I just love it. You can get mostly anything there and it is always unpredictable about what they will have and for how much.

Anyway, I love Sam's. Period.

Josh returned back to work full-time this week. He has been very tired, to be expected. He is doing well though. I know that he misses Maggie while he is gone, but the time they spend together in the evening is so adorable. His health is doing well...he returns back to one of his doctor's tomorrow. He is hoping they will cut down some of his meds. Josh hates taking medicines...he came home from the hospital with a pharmacy full. Hopefully, his appointment will go well. We really like his doctor, he is so smart.

I had to run to the doctor this morning...thought I could have strep throat. I don't, thank goodness. Just allergies. I am so glad because I was nervous about passing something on to Maggie.

Maggie is growing more everyday. She is starting to giggle and have a great time while interacting with her. She is so adorable. I could just stare at her all day long. Too bad I have to return back to work soon.

Jodie's Coming

I am so pumped to say that Josh's sister, Jodie, is coming in for a visit on Friday. We are so excited we can barely stand it. Jodie lives in New Mexico and has been dying to make it to Nashville to meet her new niece, Maggie, as well as spend some time with Josh since he was sick. She comes in Friday evening and leaves out Monday evening. Josh's parents, Pam and Jerry, and brother, Justin, sister-in-law, Lori, and our adorable little niece, Sophie, are coming down on Saturday to spend some time together as a family. I am so excited because there are so few times that Josh gets to spend time with both of his siblings at the same time. We can't wait to see her and chill with her. She is such a creative, sweet, and amazing woman and mother of seven. She always has her act together and I admire her in so many ways. Can't wait to see you Jodes!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Josh's Photography

Josh has decided that he wants to get into photography more and more. He LOVES taking pictures of Maggie and always has a very interesting eye for what looks great. He sold some of his paintball equipment so he could purchase some more professional photography equipment. I couldn't believe that he would want to do that, but it was his idea, so I completely supported him.

Last Friday night, Beech High School was hosting a football game down the street. From our house, all you could see was the glow from the field through the trees. Josh loves this huge old tree in the back of our new house. It is on the property line with the farm that is behind us and it is really stunning.

Josh went outside with his camera late and said that he was going to goof off for a while. Little did I know that he would come back in with such a beautiful picture.

He will make a great photographer and I always love all of his work. I am very proud of him.

Life at the Moment

Everything seems to be going fine.

Dexter came through his surgery really well. He had to wear a funny lampshade for ten days until his stitches got to come out yesterday. We also made a trip to the groomer, so by the end of the day, he felt like a new dog. Here is a picture of him with his lampshade on...he was not happy with us.
Maggie is growing so fast. I return back to work in less than three weeks and I am going to miss her so much. She does something new almost everyday. Yesterday, she started cooing more, which is sooo cute. This is a picture that my sister, Brea, took of Maggie on our ottoman. Her eyes are getting lighter blue, but are still so beautiful. She has rolled over twice. Once for my mom here on our couch and another time for Brea at my grandparents house. She loves her bouncy seat because of the fish and water noises. She is starting to sleep through the night, which has been great. She typically goes to bed around 10 or 10:30 and sleeps until around 5. That is fine with me.

Maggie is so much fun to get dressed. She has the cutest clothes and accessories, thanks in part to her Aunt Brea. On this night, our good friends Molly, Kristy, and Alex came over to visit and we decided that she needed to try on her sunglasses and adorable flower grandma hat. She looked so cute and loved it. How funny are those glasses?!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Check out Maggie's Pictures from Angela Crutcher

Here is the link to Maggie's pictures from Angela Crutcher Photography.

Hope you love them.

Dexter Bing

We found out that Dexter has to have surgery this Friday. Seems he has some stones in his bladder that need to come out! I am sure he will be fine, but it is just hard to know that your dog is going to have surgery and have to recover, just like a human would have too.

He is a sweet dog...

Pictures of Maggie

Here are some recent pictures of Maggie...
This was one day just sitting on the couch. She was just looking at me.

She loves her pacifier.

She loves her swing as well. I walked in the living room one day and saw her sitting in her swing with her legs all crazy...and of course, had to take a picture.

And this is Maggie's famous poop face.

She is such a sweet and happy baby.

Where Did August Go?

I return back to work on October 8, 2007...Where did the whole month of August go? I know that we have been living at drs. appointments throughout each week, but to look at Maggie and think that she is 6 weeks old today is just unreal.
She has already changed so much. She is starting to smile with a purpose and can track people around an area as they move.

Josh and I are doing good. Josh recovers more everyday, I think. He gets up every morning wanting to know what we are going to do that day. He is not good at just sitting still. We have been working around the house, hanging pictures and organizing stuff. He loves to play with Maggie, but has to still be careful because of his wounds on his chest...somehow she always knows right where to kick.

We did return back to the ER last Tuesday, on my birthday. Josh had a touch of the stomach flu that started on Sunday. He had to have an echo cardiogram with a stress test done on Tuesday. He was not allowed to eat 6 hours before, which he really hadn't eaten since later Sunday night. The dye that they used was not a good combination on an empty stomach. Ended up throwing up all the way home from Vanderbilt. When I called the drs. office, they told me to bring him back to the ER to make sure he was not having an allergic reaction to the dye. He wasn't, he was just so sick and dehydrated. They pumped him with two bags of IV fluids and gave him some throw-up-no-more medicine and sent us home. I was glad that he was ok. Plus, we got to check out Vanderbilt's ER...not a place I ever care to see again.

Josh and I joke that we are like the people that go around and rate the hotels...We do that for ER's. By far, Centennial was the best so far. Hopefully, we are finished with ER's, but we have been to 4 so that is a pretty solid recommendation. haha

Finding humor is always a good thing. Josh's sense of humor is awesome. I think it is one of his best qualities.