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Friday, September 26, 2008

6 Fun & Interesting Things About Me...

So my sister, Brea, tagged my hubby, Josh, a couple of weeks ago. I think she would have tagged me, but I was in the bed sick with Mono. Long story, crazy story...maybe later. Anyway, she tagged asking to know 6 fun and interesting things about yourself. Josh never has done it, so I thought I would.

So here goes.

1. I get the weirdest of all weird kinds of illness. IF it is gross, scary, weird, from another country, or has hair, I am going to get it. I always get very sick, when I get sick. Since I am around children all the time, I usually have a pretty good immune system. BUT when I do get sick, it is bad. It is not something that I am proud of...most of my friends make fun of me, in a nice way, because I have been this way forever. I hope not to pass that onto Maggie!

2. I am a terrible test taker. BAD! It doesn't matter what test...I am just not good at taking tests. I finally diagonsed myself with a test taking disorder...(another weird illness!!! HaHa)

3. Secretly, or not so secretly anymore, I wish to have my own clothing line for children. I want children all over to have Maggie Moo clothing. Right now, it is just me, my sewing machine, a buffet table in my bonus room, and two lamps. Maybe someday....

4. I love to tell people about Josh's story. It amazes people to know that CPR can save someone's life. It is hard sometimes, sometimes I cry, sometimes I pray, but I want people to know that just making a point to learn CPR could save someone's life. I feel that one day, I would love to be a CPR instructor.

5. Everyday, I make a TO DO list. I list things that I have to get done at school and things I have to get done at home. I try everyday to not go to bed until have completed my checklist. Sometimes, it is too long. But, this helps me stay organized. I like to be organized.

6. My freshman year at Cumberland University, I was on the home coming court. Now, if you know me, you know that I am the furtherest thing from a homecoming queen there is. I played tennis and every sport had to have a representative for all of the homecoming events. It was basically, "Alison can do it...She is the freshman." I loved it though. I got to wear my prom dress that I had just worn to prom the May before, got my hair done, makeup, everything. I was also in a parade around Lebanon where I rode on the back of a corvette with a friend of mine at the time Brittany, who was the Men's Tennis Team representative. I was dating a guy at the time from home, but since he couldn't escort me, I had to ask a guy that attend CU. That is were Mr. Josh Harris came into the picture. Josh and I met the very first day of school at CU. We were standing in line for physicals (I played tennis, he played basketball). The story has been told several ways, but basically from that day one, we were best friends. He was one of the only guys I knew at CU so I asked him to be my escort. It was great. Homecoming day it was about 109 degrees and I am in my prom dress looking nice...Josh shows up in a green and black FLANNEL shirt and a orange and brown basketball tie. He looked so nice, but did not match at cute! He was so nervous to escort me. Needless to say, I didn't win or place or whatever, but it was a great memory. My sister STILL jokes with Josh about that outfit he wore that day. She just couldn't believe that he would be in FLANNEL (did you hear me say flannel) in September.

So there you have it...That was fun.

Now, I get to tag...

1. Courtney W.
2. Heather T.
3. Karin G.

Have fun girls!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

You Can Call Him Mr. Harris...

As many of you know, Josh is a very loyal person. He has worked at his job at AccuImage, LLC in Nashville for 5 years and has loved it. The people he worked with were like family to him. They all loved him very much.

Josh recently accepted a path for his life...

Mr. Josh Harris accepted a teaching position at T.W. Hunter Middle School located in Hendersonville behind Beech (like 3 minutes from our house!!)! He is teaching 6, 7, and 8th grade Math! Josh majored in Mathematics at Cumberland so all he has to do is teach on an Alternate License until he goes back and gets the hours he needs to tack on his licensure. He is actually going through the Master's Program that I went through because he can teach, do online courses, and at the end he will have his license and master's degree.

I know it sounds crazy, but after Josh got sick last year he made a couple of goals for himself that he wanted to accomplish...One of them was to go back to school be a teacher so he could impact a child's life...instead of yelling at customers on the phone all day because they forgot to plug in their computer! He is just so fun to watch. When we go to the Parent Teacher Store you would think that we went to the moon. He is so pumped to look at teacher stuff. He has also fulfilled his other goal that he set for himself of being a photographer. He has gotten more and more into that lately with several photo shoots under his belt.

I am so proud of him. I truly am. He is just amazing! It is so cool to watch him turn what happened to him last year into many positive things for his life.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


So...I have a ton of catching up to do.

I am going to get this blog caught up and try to stick with it. Our summer just flew by, but what a great one!

Where to start...


Maggie's 1st Birthday! What a great time! Her birthday was on July 24th, but we celebrated with a fun party at home with all of our family and friends on July 26th. It was wonderful.

Josh and I made her birthday cupcakes from scratch and for Ms. Maggie she got her very own giant cupcake. I wanted everything to be perfect, of course. She loved it. Our "theme" on our invitations was birdies! So we had an adorable birdie cupcake holder for the centerpiece, along with some beautiful fresh roses.

I custom made Maggie her very own birthday banner using some of my favorite fabrics, that we can later put up in her room. I loved the way it turned out!

I think over all, she had a great first birthday. She got some wonderful presents, including some adorable Crocs and a yummy Encores and More North gift certificate. My mom also passed my childhood locket that my Granny got for me onto Maggie. That was a very emotional moment for me. I will always cherish that locket for little Maggie.

Maggie loved her cake. I think she was a little overwhelmed at first, but before long, she jumped right in. She LOVES sweets, so this was right up her alley.
Maggie loves to kiss everything...including her cake!
Aunt Brea captured this picture. I believe at this time the party girl was getting a bath. I love what it shows...her cake, a complete mess, her dress and converses in her dirty highchair.
Overall, we had a great first birthday...Wouldn't change one thing. Thanks for all of those that came and helped us make sweet memories.

Day at the Zoo with The Dillard Family...

I love the zoo. I love everything about it. I love that it is great exercise. I love that you get to see beautiful animals. I love that you get to people watch! I love that they offer discount to educators in Tennessee!

On June 26th (told you I am going to catch up)...Kerri, Scott, Kaitlin, Maggie, and I all went to the Nashville Zoo. It was burning up, but so fun. We saw lots of awesome animals, and even was introduced to Congo the Giraffe.

We had a great time Dillard Family. Thanks for the memories!