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Saturday, June 27, 2009

For My Sister...

Last Tuesday was my sister, Brea's, birthday. I wanted to do something awesome for her this year. It has been another big year for her. A new home and a new sweetie JT, I felt it would be appropriate to do something that meant a ton to her.
This is a blank canvas that I used tons and tons of scrapbooking paper on and layer it to death. Then I wrote out some awesome verses from the song Wonderful Maker by Chris Tomlin. The lyrics are kind of scattered so you have to look for them to make sense. I kinda liked it that way.
Then I added their last name and made it say "the freeman family."

I gave it to Brea tonight at her birthday dinner and I think she loved it. I thought it turned out pretty awesome.
I love you Breezy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Second Trip...

First of all, how hilarious is this sign. This is a sign that is hanging on one of the docks down at JuJu and Poppy Eddie's houseboat. We all giggle when we go past it so I thought I needed a picture to remember it by.
Well, let me just start by saying that we LOVE JuJu and Poppy Eddie to death. Mom and Dad were at the houseboat today. I stayed home and sewed and cleaned house all day yesterday so when I heard that Josh had to go to basketball camp with his team...I thought it would be a great day to go the to boat. We HATED to go without Daddy, but we had the best time ever!

Maggie, first of all, has no fear. Period. She has loved the water since she was first born. Even last year at the houseboat, she didn't mind it. When we went to the houseboat a week or so ago, I could tell that she was growing more and more comfortable with the water. We strapped her into her lifejacket and got straight in the "WATTIEE" when we got there this morning. Maggie loved it. She never cried, she just smiled and yelled with enjoyment.
I then realized that Maggie was kicking with a purpose...OH MY!!! MAGGIE CAN SWIM!

Let me just take this opportunity to tell you that I LOVED the water. Ever since I was Maggie's age and younger, I loved the water. I could spend hours upon hours in water and never complain or get bored. That is still true for me now. I love to swim. I love how free it makes me feel. I, secretly, always wanted my children to love to swim and be in water. My wish came true. Maggie had a great time and didn't want to get out.
Once she got the hang of it, she didn't want me to hold her or even help her if she got off balance and her face got in the water. Mom and Dad loved seeing her swim. She was a stinkin' fish by the end of the day. I loved it! I loved that we got it on video for Josh to see. I love that my parents kept saying, your just like your mommy...she loved the water. It meant a lot to me.

Thanks for another awesome day at the boat JuJu and Poppy! We love you!
Check out the video of Maggie swimming below. If you look closely in the water, you will see her little feet just working up the town. She loved it!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Living Near A Farm...

I love that our house, while in a subdivision, backs up to a beautiful wood farm with tons of COOOOWWSSSS and HORRRSSSIEESSS.

Maggie loves animals. Seriously, her best friend is Dexter Bing. She loves horses and cows and will often just stare at the farm and say "Cows, Where Are YOU!" from our kitchen window. This afternoon we were outside playing and we saw the horses and cows were close to the back fence so we went back to say hello.

If you listen closely in the video you can hear her click her tongue. Ever since she was little bitty, she as always clicked her tongue when we say "What sound does a horse make?" She is sooo fun at this age, but for sure a handful. It was a great visit with the horsies...I am sure they would have loved us more if Maggie were feeding them something besides sticks!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I love when...

...old things take on a new life...especially when I can do it for next to nothing.
Let me explain.
Josh purchased this vintage vanity stool at our favorite antique mall in Springfield, TN the Antique Barn. I think he paid like $30.00 for it. He found it and fell in love with the idea of placing a newborn on it for photography purposes. Well, I had other ideas from day one. I needed a sewing chair. I needed something that was short enough that it could get tucked under my table so that Maggie couldn't climb on it. I needed something that was comfy, but allowed me to move. Answer: Josh's awesome stool.

So I have used this stool for at least a year in this shape. Fabric was a nightmare. At least it didn't stink! But the fabric had seen better days and wasn't my taste anyway. The front, which gets the most use, was destroyed.
So, while Mags was down for her afternoon nap, I had had enough of the wood stabbing me in the legs and decided to make it more Alie-Friendly.
I will let the pictures tell the story...

...the before chair...

So for about $8 dollars in padding, I have a brand new, adorable chair. And Josh can still use it for photography purposes! YAY!

Whatcha think?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our First Trip... the houseboat this year! Josh, Maggie, Dexter and I headed up to JuJu and Poppy Eddie's houseboat on Sunday morning. We hated to miss church, but it was so great to get in the car with nothing packed except bathing suits and sunglasses and just enjoy my family. The weather was perfect and we had a great time. Brea and her family made their way up there as well so we had so much fun laughing and playing. Josh went down the slide off the back of the houseboat and it was hi-li-ar-i-ious!!!

Thanks for a great time JuJu and Poppy Eddie! We love you guys!