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Saturday, February 21, 2009

It Truly is the BEST Show on Earth...

So has it been forever since I blogged...YES! We have been having so much fun lately that I haven't made time to blog. Whoops!

Last month on Jan. 24th, we took Maggie to her first CIRCUS. It was awesome. Ironically enough that was also her 18 month birthday. My awesome student teacher, Lyndsey, randomly said one day, man I want to go to the circus. I had no idea they were even in town. So what did we do...we WENT and it was amazing!

Truth be told, it was a bit long. It was right at 3 hours. Okay, I am 27 and it was almost too much for me and my backside. But, it was so cool for Maggie to see all the animals and clowns and to just have the experience. We arrived an hour early so we could go down and meet and greet with the members of the circus and the oobbeeerrr awesome animals.

Josh, of course, came fully equipped with his camera so we got some amazing shots.
I took one picture the whole time with his camera. He NEVER gets in pictures anymore since he is always behind the camera. So, I got this shot of him and Mags. She is watching the before show elephant act. It was so cool!

So, I already mentioned Lyndsey. She came to Walton Ferry right after Christmas and is moving to Hawkins Middle next week. We have had such a ball together. She is so fun and just lovely to be around. As soon as we got down to the pre-show, I snagged "Slim the Clown" (I have no idea if that was his real name or not, but TRUST ME...the clown had about 0% body fat) to take a picture with Lyndsey. Too funny! I had no idea she was making that face until Josh developed them, but it suits the person standing next to her!

The show itself was awesome! Tons of kids, tons of adults acting like kids, what more could you want for a Saturday morning.

Lyndsey was kind enough to take a family pic of us.

I ABSOLUTELY love this picture of us. It is for sure a framer. What a blessing our relationship has been to my life. I can't wait to see where God leads Lyndsey's life, but I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to get to work with her for 8 weeks!

What a great day with LOTS of awesome memories!!!