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Sunday, December 30, 2007

You Can't Get Any Cuter Than This...


Maggie, Josh, Dexter, and I returned from Indiana today after celebrating the Holiday with his family this past weekend. We were winding down in the bonus room tonight and since Maggie is becoming quite the pro at sitting up, I decided to play a bit with her.

Little did I know that beating on the floor would thrill her so.

You just can't get any cuter than this!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christ-MOOSE from Maggie...

Merry Christ-MOOSE from Maggie, Alie, Josh, and Dexter!

Our Christmas this year was out of this world. We had a fun filled Holiday season. On Christmas Eve, we headed over to Long Hollow Baptist Church for their Christmas Eve Service. It was wonderful. Maggie loved all the singing! I can tell she is really going to have a true appreciation for music as she continues to grow. I wish you could have seen her dancing, swinging her legs, and "talking" while the choirs were singing. Too funny!

Christmas morning we headed over to Brea's house to celebrate with them. It was awesome. Maggie opened her presents and honestly, loved the ribbon that JuJu attached to one of Maggie's gifts the best. Go figure. She got an awesome Tickle-Me-Elmo from the Freeman crew that is too cute. She really enjoyed playing with her goodies. JuJu and Poppy Eddie got her tons of goodies including clothes and some great toys for the car. Grandma and Papa Charles got Maggie (really Josh) this cool Build Your Own Straw kit and a 12 Days of Christmas Elmo. Aunt Janie and Uncle Dickie got Mags an adorable outfit. We loved everything!

After Brea's house, we returned home. We decided that we would celebrate our Christmas with Maggie. We "Santa" got her a ride on car for when she is little bit bigger, Taylor the Talking Turtle that is too cute, some clothes, building blocks, and some other smaller toys for playing around the house with. She is really starting to get into her toys because she can really hold and pick up stuff now. It is awesome to watch!

She is learning everyday more and more. Now she is really working on sitting up, which she loves to do so she can play with her toys.

As you can tell, the building blocks were a HUGE hit with Mags. Taylor the Talking Turtle is adorable as well (you can see it behind Maggie).

Then it was time for pictures with Mommy and Daddy!

We had a great time hosting the family Christmas Get-Together for Mom's side of the family this year. Everyone got to come and it was wonderful to see how much our once small family has grown to about 40 adults and children. We had a house full, but it was for sure filled with lots of love.

Hope each of you had a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2007

So Normally I Am Not That Competitive...

Normally, I am not that much of a competitive person. Sure, I teach PE and I am always wanting my kiddos to win in games, but in life, competition doesn't matter much to me.

Until today!

Our awesome photographer, Angela Crutcher, who did Maggie's newborn pictures is having a contest. She is allowing the public to vote on their favorite picture of 2007...

Guess who just happens to be Number 9...Ms. MAGGIE!

I am pumped and would love to win the awesome prize that she is offering of a mounted 11X14 or 12X12. Check it out and vote for Mags if you feel she is the cutest one.

What a great idea!

Click here to get to her site!

Go Maggie Go!

Monday, December 17, 2007

...Happy Birthday Honey...

Today, Josh turns 27...I wish him the best birthday yet.
I am so proud of him and all of his many accomplishments.
He is the best father to Baby Maggie.
He is so brave and such a happy person to be with.

Thank you for always loving me!
Happy Birthday Joshie!

Mags & Mary Elizabeth

How cute is this?

...Maggie Holland Harris 4 months 3 weeks...
...Mary Elizabeth Freeman 4 months 1 week...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Holland Girls...

I love these pictures.
Josh took these pictures recently and I just adore them.

This one is of myself, my sister Brea, and our beautiful mom, JuJu.

I also love this picture of my sister, Brea.
I swear...I have never seen a bad picture of her...This is no exception. She just looks like she is glowing!
I love them both very much!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Already? Seems like the days are just flying by.
Are you ready for Christmas? We are so thrilled this year to be able to host our family Christmas Get Together for my Mom's side of the family. It should be a lot of fun.

We traveled up to Indiana after Thanksgiving to visit with Josh's side of the family. We had a great time visiting the new West Baden Dome Hotel and French Lick Hotel and Casino. It is amazing to see how much that small town has grown. The sights were just amazing! Everything was decorated for Christmas and it was a great time to spend with Grammy Pammy and Papa Jerry!

Maggie Moo is starting to eat cereal and some veggies...How exciting! She is really getting the hang of opening her mouth when we say "bite." It is so cute to watch her eat and the excitement she has when it is time to eat. (Notice Dexter in the second picture...Just waiting for a turn!!!)

Ms. Mary Elizabeth sure is growing! She returned to the dr. this past week and is up to 7 pounds 6 ounces. Thought I would share this picture Uncle Josh captured on Thanksgiving Day...This was taken on Mom's hardwood floor. How great is this???

Don't we have the cutest kiddos?
This was on Thanksgiving Day!

Today is my Dad's birthday...I wish him the best birthday yet. Some of my favorite memories of my Dad are from when Anna Boo was born. I will never forget those times. Papa Eddie also stayed with Josh almost the whole time he was in the hospital. I know that still means the world to me and I think Josh still can't believe that Dad would have done that for him. He is an amazing man and I love him very much!

Happy Birthday Dad!