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Thursday, August 18, 2011

This Week...

{this is a quirky owl I drew for a shirt I sewed...I quite like it}

...was a grand week. We got a routine SOMEWHAT down with going to school, getting the kiddos to Mrs. Sandi's, arranging pick-ups, etc. It was overall a really nice week. I was super tired most of the nights from just running none stop from Mrs. Sandi's to school to Mrs. Sandi's to home, then dinner, then baths, then goodnights and somewhere in between there a few smiles and coo's from Baden and a dance or two with Maggie.

I am getting to where I actually want to go to work now. Getting there. I spent all day Monday (as I could) cleaning out my office and mopping it and putting stuff back where the stuff belongs. Since I was on maternity leave at the end of April until the beginning of this school year, my office was a WRECK with a capital W. I haven't cared and have just been watching everything stack up, until Monday...I hit the wall. I couldn't take it any longer. It feels good being organized and ready for each work day as soon as I walk into school. My office is about the size of a postage stamp and has to hold 520 kids worth of PE equipment. But, I secretly love this little hole in our old, old school that I lovingly call my office.

This little man decided that it would be a great idea to start rolling over last week. Yes, on Tuesday of last week (August 9th) he rolled over at Mrs. Sandi's house. I had been back at work 2 days and he starts showing off all his tricks. So I missed it. So I cried. A LOT! But then I stopped and realized that...yes, I missed it...but I didn't miss the 3 months I got to spend with him at home all summer long. It is a little hard for me to stop and realize that when we get out of school again for our next summer, Baden will be a year old. WOW! and NO THANK YOU! I just know he is going to grow up super duper fast and I am just not okay with that.

Maggie is learning and LOVING her new schedule of events. She goes to a wonderful lady named Mrs. Sandi, who I am pretty sure is the sweetest and most Godly woman I know, now and Baden goes with her. Mrs. Sandi watches Maggie all week and even takes her to MDO two days a week for me. She loves it. Totally a God thing. She is getting so sometimes she says things and I just sit and look at her like did that just come out of your mouth? This week we worked on writing her thank you notes for the people that came to her party. I love thank you notes and notes in general. I miss general mail and how imporant it used to be. I hope I can always teach her that sometimes a personalized letter or card has a lot of meaning and weight to it.

On Monday, (payday!!! YIPPEE!!!) I met up with some great friends and we got our toes done. It was so nice to see their beautiful faces and laugh and chat about life. I miss those friends. ALOT.