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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Maggie Moo's First Trip to the Dentist...

Maggie Moo recently checked something off her I-am-getting-older-and-trying-new-things list...She visited the Dentist! I had an appointment set up for me on August 5th and since Maggie just turned 3 and needed to start going, they asked me just to bring her in with me and we would "see how it went." Maggie doesn't mind brushing her teeth. She actually is an excellent spitter-outter of the water for rinsing. Was I nervous? Not really. I figured, worse would be a terrible experience and she would cry and hate it and we would say, okay not going to happen.

But, Mags did great! I mean great! She first watched me get my teeth cleaned...which I think helped. When it was her turn, she wanted to know if she got to wear the purple bib with alligator clippies. Mrs. Marty was our amazing teeth-cleaner and she couldn't have been any sweeter to Maggie.

Maggie was such a champ! She let her do the entire appointment, complete with the cleaning and "counting of teeth." I was so proud of Maggie and she officially robbed the place blind because she asked for 2 tooth brushes so she could have one in Mommy's bathroom. So there we left...2 toothbrushes, 2 alligator toppers, 1 package of toothpaste and a purple bib. She loved the experience. I believe that she loved it most because of Mrs. Marty!


Erin Morgan said...

I hate going to the dentist, so I was so surprised that Finnegan loves going and is a good sport. He's been 3 times since he turned 2. And does really well! Each time they do something new and more than the last appointment. Can't wait to see how he does next time!! Good Job, Mags!!

Kristen said...

We love Ms. Marti! That is my best friends Mom. She is the best! Maggie looks so cute!

Karen B said...

What a cute post! And so great that she did so well!

Charley Burright said...

Cute photo you got there! My wife and I also brought our three year old Kristen to our periodontist for her very first check up. My wife was so nervous about our girl's firsts so I just made sure I was there, too. She doesn't have any cavities! We headed to a resto in Chattanooga for some treat after the appointment. You must be lucky for your sweet Maggie there.

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